Haim’s “Little Of Your Love” Is A Perky Pop/Rock Gem

Mike Wass | June 19, 2017 4:37 pm
Haim Releases "Right Now" Video
Haim is back! The retro pop-rock trio drop their perky new single, "Right Now."

Haim returned to the music scene in April with a quirky anthem called “Right Now.” The song was intimate and clever, but lacked the hooks and powerful chorus of “The Wire” or “Forever.” They followed that up with the mellow “Want You Back,” but it felt more like a mood-setting buzz track than a blockbuster hit. The retro-leaning trio gets it very right on “Little Of Your Love,” a song they performed on Saturday Night Live. This is the kind of rollicking West Coast pop/rock that made Days Are Gone one of the better debut albums of the 2010s.

“You’re just another recovering heart, I wasn’t even gonna try,” Haim begins the track. “You wouldn’t even give up time, Could be so easy you make it hard.” That takes us the the sunny, sing-along chorus. “You gotta give me just a little of your love, baby.” It looks like there will be plenty to love about the band’s sophomore album after all. Something To Tell You drops July 7. Check out “Little Of Your Love” below.

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