New Find: Black Summer Feat. Lowell’s “Young Like Me”

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I’ve heard of starting early, but this is Next Level. Black Summer (otherwise known as Rhys Toms) got his big break via Triple J’s Unearthed competition for unsigned talent at the ripe, old age of 11. His music caught the ear of Grammy Award-winning producer and fellow Aussie, Chris “TEK” O’Ryan, and the pair spent the next couple of years developing his sound. And the hard work has paid off. The producer, now 14, just dropped a banger called “Young Like Me” and it’s already starting to make waves on Spotify.

What’s it all about? “We wrote it about 2017 and where we are in the world today,” featured vocalist Lowell explains. “How hard it can be to know you are the youth and you’re the one who’s going to have to pull us out of all this mess people are burying us in.” That sounds heavy, but this is club-friendly social commentary with a soaring chorus and massive drop. Check out the Tim Madden-directed video, which finds Black Summer setting fire to the Hollywood sign, below.

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