Rita Ora Teases “Your Song” Video, Hints At Album Release Date

Mike Wass | June 21, 2017 5:59 pm
Rita Ora Drops 'Your Song'
It happened. After years of delays, Rita Ora has finally released a new single.

It’s all coming together for Rita Ora. After years of delays, the Brit finally kicked off her sophomore/debut (depending on where you are) era with a new single called “Your Song.” Written by Ed Sheeran, the perky bop is off to a promising start in the UK and Australia — cracking the top 20 in both territories. It should soar a lot higher when the video drops tomorrow (June 22). The 26-year-old shared a preview on Facebook and it finds her venturing into an office building in reverse. She rocks sexy outfits and serves looks, ensuring a healthy view count.

The rejuvenated pop star opened up about her first attempt to crack the US in an interview with the AP, revealing that she had to pay for her own tour. “My team at the time thought it wasn’t a good idea and it would be a waste of time,” Rita shares. “I thought differently because my online presence grew really dramatically…. and so the team… they’re like, ‘Well we’re not helping you, we can’t do it. We’re not going to put money into it.'”

So Rita organized it herself. “I phoned up [Iggy Azalea]… she came on the road. It was so, like, small tour bus. I think we, at one point, shared one microphone.” Of course, the hitmaker had the last laugh. “And you know what, every single show was sold out.” Oh, and the article casually announces that her album will drop in November. Read the full interview here and watch a snippet of her new video below.

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