Marina And The Diamonds & Clean Bandit’s “Disconnect” Is Finally Here!

Mike Wass | June 23, 2017 1:21 pm
Lana Del Rey & Marina Hang In LA
Here's a reunion that will make any discerning pop fan's heart flutter.

Surprise! Two years after they debuted it at Coachella, Marina And The Diamonds and Clean Bandit’s “Disconnect” is finally here to brighten up your New Music Friday. A gloomy, disco-tinged anthem about the loneliness of modern life, the collaboration packs quite a punch. “I go all out night yeah, I go home alone,” the “Froot” diva sings over a wave of ’80s synths. “Sleeping in my bed, head is at my phone — looking at a screen glowing in the dark.” She comes up with a solution on the soaring chorus. “Yeah I need it take a breath, yeah I need to disconnect.”

There’s a reason fans have been begging for “Disconnect” for two years. It is infinitely relatable and perfectly complements their unique talents. Marina’s knack for razor-sharp lyrics and misery-pop shines through, while Clean Bandit’s impeccably arranged synths and strings ebb and flow perfectly. I’m not sure if this is a single or simply a random gift, but it has serious potential. (Imagine the video!) Listen to the sublime bop below.

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