Nicki Minaj Channels Her Inner Goddess At The NBA Awards

Nicki Is Releasing New Music In June
More hits? Nicki Minaj revealed that she is releasing a lot of new music in June.

Nicki Minaj may have been absent from this week’s BET Awards, but she was definitely present at last night’s (June 26) NBA Awards where she performed a medley of hits. The “Regret In Your Tears” rapper channelled ancient Roman mythology for the performance, appearing on screens in a billowing gown with a crown of laurels in her hair while 2 Chainz assisted with a new collaboration called “Realize.”

It goes without saying, at this point, that she directed a little shade at Remy Ma, who ended Minaj’s winning streak at the BET Awards the night before. “I’ve been winning 8 years consistently, at least respect it. Papoose wrote a Ether record, but I broke Aretha record,” she emphatically reminded the crowd of her recent achievements while discrediting Remy’s diss track “Shether” by implying that her boyfriend ghostwrote it.

That was followed by “No Frauds” and her high-energy verse from Katy Perry’s diss track “Swish Swish”. She and a crew of dancers performed some vampy choreography during Katy’s chorus before ending with a dramatic pose. It was easily the highlight of the performance. The back and forth between the two will undoubtedly continue, but for now, the ball’s in Remy’s court to reply. Check out the full performance below.

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