Lana Del Rey Covers ‘V’ Magazine, Talks ‘Lust For Life’ With Stevie Nicks

Mike Wass | June 27, 2017 1:08 pm
Lana & The Weeknd's 'Lust For Life' Video
Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd's epic 'Lust for Life' video is the stuff of dreams.

Christmas came early for Lana Del Rey fans this morning (June 27) when the sad chanteuse’s V magazine cover story arrived. Photographed by Steven Klein, the pictures are quintessentially LDR in their ability to evoke old money and faded glamor. With huge hair and a riding crop in tow, she poses next to a race horse and vintage car while pink cherry blossoms glow in the background. And once you pour over the gorgeous pictures, there’s an interview between Lana and “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems” collaborator Stevie Nicks waiting for you!

The Fleetwood Mac legend missed her calling as a journalist. She brings up the fact that Lana has gone from being Born To Die to having a Lust For Life in the space of four albums. “Yeah, they’re complete opposites, and it’s funny because when I chose the title, I didn’t think about it right away,” the “Love” diva admits. “It was the title of the first song I wrote for this record. But there are so many things that have gotten me to the point that I’m at now. One of them is just time.”

“I just wanted to chronicle how I was feeling honestly, in the moment, for each record. So, I had a lot of stories that I wanted to tell that I hadn’t told yet up until this point. And now, through the last four records, I got out a lot of those stories and a lot of those feelings, and for the first time, I’ve caught myself up to real time. And now, I’m at this place where I feel like I’m really present, and when I’m reading the news, I’m really reading it, whereas before I was a little bit in my own head.”

Lana was then asked to pick a favorite song on the album and settled on something surprising. “I think one of my favorite tracks on the record is called ‘Yosemite,'” she reveals. “The chorus is [begins to sing] ‘We did it for fun, we did it for free, I did it for you, you did it for me, we did it for the right reasons.'” But that’s not all. V magazine also shared an exclusive snippet of “Cherry” (below), which feels like something of a throwback to Ultraviolence in its raw beauty. Read the full interview here.

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