Katy Perry Performs A Cute, Acoustic Version Of “Hey Hey Hey”

Mike Wass | June 29, 2017 12:26 pm
Katy Perry's 'Witness': Album Review
Katy Perry boldly explores club sub-genres on her banger-heavy new album.

Katy Perry came, saw and conquered the UK with a festival-stealing performance at Glastonbury on the weekend. The pop star also squeezed in another live appearance on a slightly smaller scale. She dropped by Kiss FM to belt out a cute, acoustic version of “Hey Hey Hey” — the big, bright pop moment on Witness. The “Feels” diva delivered a perfect vocal, clearly relishing the empowering lyrics. “I can be zen and I can be the storm,” Katy commanded. “Smell like a rose and I pierce like a thorn.”

The hitmaker has rolled out “Save As Draft” to adult pop stations in the US (it just cracked the top 50 at HAC), but she hasn’t revealed the official follow-up to “Swish Swish” yet. “Hey Hey Hey” has to be a contender given that she is opening live shows with the Max Martin/Ali Payami-produced bop and performing it on occasions like this. The song certainly has pop pedigree given those collaborators and co-writers Sarah Hudson and Sia. Watch Katy do her thing up top and check out her rising summer smash with Calvin Harris below.

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