Zayn Malik Poses For ‘Clash,’ Opens Up About His Sophomore LP

Mike Wass | June 30, 2017 11:00 am
Zayn Malik's Summery 'Still Got Time'
ZAYN launches his sophomore LP with a summery bop called 'Still Got Time.'

Zayn Malik graces the cover of Clash magazine and poses for a grungy shoot, which is every bit as dreamy as you would expect. The Brit also opens up about his sophomore LP in the accompanying interview, explaining how he has become a better songwriter and artist. “I think you can definitely be able to see a progression in my writing – well, I’m hoping so, anyway,” the 24-year-old muses. “But I feel that way when I listen to it: I feel like there’s definitely a bit more organization with things, if that’s the way to explain it.”

“Things kind of make a bit more sense to me,” Zayn continues. “I feel like on the first record things were a bit experimental – I was just trying to find my feet – and with this one, I feel like I’ve found that pocket a little bit more and it’s a bit more developed.” He also feels more relaxed and confident given the success of debut LP, Mind Of Mine. “I definitely think the reaction to the first record has fueled a bit of confidence in the second one, and helps just understanding what people wanted to hear and what people were enjoying.”

“It’s definitely made that easier, I guess, and just knowing where I fit in the market and where I want to sit vocally, and where I want to take it with the music and the production,” Zayn reveals. “It’s just more assertive and knows what it’s about this time.” He didn’t give away any information about the release date, but it’s expected to drop in 2017. Click through his Clash shoot up top.

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