Gif Queen Gretchen Stars In Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” Lyric Video

Mike Wass | July 3, 2017 5:36 am
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Just when you thought “Swish Swish” had run its course, Katy Perry performs chart CPR by dropping a lyric video featuring Brazilian gif queen Gretchen. Who? Well, for those of you without a Twitter account, Gretchen is the queen of exaggerated facial expressions and fierce ensembles. She was a pop star in the ’70s and ’80s, but is now better known for being outrageous on reality TV shows and making social media a funnier place. (Here’s a more detailed explanation of her legacy). The 58-year-old is also a perfect stand-in for Katy.

Gretchen shared a preview of the lyric video, which is expected to drop later today (June 3), on Twitter and it finds her camping it up with a crew of dubious-looking male dancers in front of neon lights. I’m already obsessed. The (belated) arrival of a lyric video raises the question if we’re actually going to get an official visual and maybe another couple of performances. “Swish Swish” feels like it’s perilously close to catching on. Watch a snippet of the sure-to-go viral video below.

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