It’s Official! Demi Lovato’s New Single Drops July 11

Demi Lovato Teases A New Single
It looks like Demi Lovato is teasing a new single on social media, possibly called 'SNS.'

Where there’s (a lot of) smoke, there’s fire. Demi Lovato updated the banner of her Twitter account with the acronym “SNS” last week and then posted the letters on Instagram. Everyone assumed that it was the title of her next single and, for once, we were all right. The pop star confirmed the release via an Instagram video, which delivers a brief snippet of the song as well as the official release date (July 11). What does “SNS” stand for? Well, fans are convinced the full title of Demi’s new track is “Sorry Not Sorry.”

Now that we’re sure the single is coming, what can we expect? “I’m releasing an album later this year, so my fans can look forward to that,” Demi said in an interview with Billboard. “It’s more soulful and I want to go more R&B with it.” That was confirmed by BFF Iggy Azalea. “Ive only heard two songs but they were really good,” the rapper tweeted. “[They are a] bit more r’n’b leaning.” Oh, and she recently hit the studio with French Montana. However, the snippet sounds very dance-pop… so, who knows? Check out Demi’s Instagram post below.


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