Dr. Luke Issues Statement Outlining His Label’s Involvement In Kesha’s New LP

Mike Wass | July 7, 2017 4:53 pm
Kesha's Powerful 'Praying' Video
Kesha returns with powerful ballad 'Praying.' Watch the psychedelic video.

Kesha made a welcome return to the pop scene yesterday (July 6) with a new single called “Praying.” The soaring ballad is currently sitting at number two on iTunes, while the psychedelic video has racked up more than five million views in less than a day. Under normal circumstances, her label would be popping bottles but Kemosabe (Dr. Luke’s imprint) feels slighted by the misconception that the song — and the 30-year-old’s comeback LP, Rainbow — was created without their assistance and involvement.

As such, Dr. Luke’s lawyers decided to clarify the situation. “The reality is that for well over two years, Kesha chose — and it was entirely her choice — not to provide her label with any music,” their statement reads. “Kesha was always free to move forward with her music, and an album could have been released long ago had she done so. She exiled herself.” They then give a detailed explanation of Kemosabe’s involvement in the project.

“She provided 22 recordings created without any label consultation which were not in compliance with her contract, were in various stages of development, and which Kesha’s own team acknowledged needed work. Then, and for the last several months, the label has been in discussions with Kesha and her team to choose the best music, create additional music, and work on the tracks created.”

“A&R representatives of both Kemosabe and RCA have provided Kesha with detailed feedback in writing and in person on the tracks she provided to help her further develop the material. Kesha has also agreed with Kemosabe and RCA on a list of producers who will work with her on these tracks, a studio has been reserved for these sessions, and a budget for certain work provided.”

In other words, a fairly standard artist/label relationship still exists — which is staggering given the circumstances. Anyway, listen to their fruit of their combined labor below.

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