Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” Is A Bop, But We’ve Heard It All Before

Mike Wass | July 11, 2017 8:19 am
Demi's 'Sorry Not Sorry' Co-Stars
Demi Lovato's 'Sorry Not Sorry' video features cameos from Paris Hilton & Wiz Khalifa.

Demi Lovato relaunched today (July) as a purveyor of fiery R&B-infused bops. It’s a bold move and she comes painfully close to pulling it off. There’s nothing wrong with “Sorry Not Sorry.” The 24-year-old sounds incredible — as usual — and Oak’s jittery production is right on the money. Thematically, however, it’s been done several dozen times before. This is a fairly tired tale of turning the tables on an ex/hater. “Now payback is a bad bitch and baby, I’m the baddest,” Demi declares. “You fuckin’ with a savage, can’t have this, can’t have this.”

The chorus offers more of the same. “Baby, I’m sorry I’m not sorry, being so bad got me feelin’ so good,” she coos. “Showing you up like I knew that I would.” It’s certainly relatable and generic lyrics rarely impede a song’s chart prospects. (See Liam Payne’s “Strip That Down,” for starters). I guess I just expected more. Demi’s point of difference among the new generation of pop girls is her vocal talent and willingness to tackle real issues. “Sorry Not Sorry,” however, just feels like an obvious grab for a radio hit. For her sake, I hope it works. Listen below.

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