Does Tyler, The Creator Come Out As Gay On Leaked Album?

Mike Nied | July 12, 2017 4:01 pm
Tyler, The Creator Drops 'Pillowtalk' Remix
Tyler, The Creator drops a remix of Zayn Malik's solo debut single 'Pillowtalk.'

It appears that controversial rapper Tyler, The Creator is coming out as gay on his upcoming LP, Scum Fuck Flower Boy. The album is set to drop on July 21. However, like most albums in the digital age, it has leaked onto the internet in advance of its official release. As fans listened to the new material, they were surprised to hear the artist, who famously littered his debut album with homophobic slurs, addressing gay love in the lyrics of several songs.

On the track “I Ain’t Got Time!” he acknowledges that coming out would be a shock, rapping: “Next line, I’ll have ’em like woah. I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004.” He further explores his sexuality on the Estelle-assisted “Garden Shed,” which appears to allude to hooking up with partners. “I tell ’em my location, and they ain’t want to walk,” he says on the track. Fans pointed out that Tyler has appeared to come out before, noting one instance in 2015 when the rapper tweeted about his sexuality and claimed that it was largely ignored by the media. Again, in 2016 he referenced a preference for “tall, freckled white boys” on buzz track “What The Fuck Right Now,” though that received little to no media attention.

Thus far, the rapper himself hasn’t commented on the media furor. Though he has been active on social media since the leak, Tyler has opted to continue promoting the LP’s lead single, “Who Dat Boy,” that features a verse from A$AP Rocky. Perhaps he’ll get a little more candid as the official release date looms.

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