Should Have Been Bigger: Ciara’s “Overdose”

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In this franchise, we look back on songs that deserved a little more love and attention.

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Ciara rebranded as a pop diva? Well, for a brief moment in 2013, we got a glimpse. The hitmaker is known for her sultry R&B/hip-hop sound, so when a snippet of “Overdose” leaked, fans rallied and pushed for the song to be released as a single for almost a year. And, following the exceedingly-hot “Body Party” and the anthemic bop “I’m Out,” CiCi finally caved and announced the slinky pop anthem as her third single.

Deviating from Ciara’s trademark sound, “Overdose” is an electro dance-pop gem and was destined to top all the charts and be played in every club around the world. (Honestly, it deserved). The song relied on tried and tested formulas for pop hits — repetitive hooks (“Don’t let don’t let don’t let don’t let go”) and sexy lyrics. She soon released the the cover, which featured her then-hubby Future. Embodying the theme of being obsessed to the point of addiction, the artwork focused on the rapper’s torso, with CiCi’s hand grabbing his crotch.

Being an ode to codependency and unhealthy infatuation, “Overdose” foreshadowed how badly Ciara’s relationship with the rapper would eventually end. And also, ultimately, the song’s destiny. After hyping up the track and promising a music video, the single was scrapped. There was never an explanation for it, it just withered and died. Shortly thereafter, the “Ride” singer announced her pregnancy and revealed that she was working on new music. And just like that, the pop dream died.

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