LP’s “When We’re High” Video Is As Sexy As The Song

Mike Wass | July 18, 2017 9:16 am
LP Talks 'Lost On You' & Songwriting
We speak to LP about breakout hit 'Lost On You' and second chances.

One of the feel-good stories of 2016 was LP’s long-overdue commercial breakthrough with “Lost On You.” The haunting ukulele ballad caught fire in Europe — topping the charts in 13 countries including France, Italy, Greece and Portugal. That success resulted in a major label deal in the US and a 2017 rerelease of her similarly-titled 4th album. It stands out as one of the year’s most cohesive and fully realized, as new single “When We’re High” attests. The slinky anthem effortlessly blends LP’s stripped-back style with deep-house beats and sounds like a hit.

“When We’re High” also boasts an unusually memorable bridge. “She’s so fine, hips don’t lie,” the veteran singer/songwriter quips, quoting song titles. “Hit me baby one more time, go ahead and insert any random ass line.” The video arrived over the weekend and it’s a suitably sexy affair that evokes the swinging ’60s (at least, fashion-wise). There’s a bit of tasteful nudity, a kiki in a shady bar, an incredibly long elevator ride and a series of fabulous looks. Watch up top.

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