Shania Twain Veers Towards Synth-Pop On Buzz Track “Poor Me”

Mike Wass | July 21, 2017 7:10 am
Shania Twain Returns With A New Single
She's back! Shania Twain drops comeback single 'Life's About To Get Good.'

Shania Twain’s comeback gathers momentum with the arrival of buzz track “Poor Me.” The second taste of the country queen’s Now LP (pre-order your copy here) is something of a surprise. For starters, the song veers perilously close to synth-pop and I’m pretty sure it samples The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down.” That’s not to say it’s a return to the frivolous country/pop of her hey day. Instead, the mellow mid-tempo bop has a pitch-black underbelly as the 51-year-old struggles to come to terms with the dissolution of her marriage.

“Poor me this, poor me that, why do I keep looking back?” Shania ponders in the chorus. “Poor me this, poor me that, it’s not white, it’s not black.” This is where it gets really heartbreaking. “Grey’s the color that I see, still can’t believe he’d leave me to love her.” While “Poor Me” is a little offbeat production-wise, it still feels organic to the Canadian and hints at a more adventurous comeback LP that lead single “Life’s About To Get Good” indicated. Listen to enduring hitmaker’s melancholy anthem below.

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