She’s Back! Cassie Teams Up With G-Eazy For “Love A Loser”

Mike Wass | July 24, 2017 6:47 pm

And she’s back! Cassie makes a long-overdue return to the music scene with “Love A Loser.” The track, which features rapper G-Eazy, debuted on Saturday’s (July 22) OVO SOUND radio show and it stays true to the diva’s icy, minimal R&B sound. “I’d rather lose a lover than to love a loser, everything you did I wouldn’t do it to you,” the 30-year-old coos over a sparse, flickering beat. “Got my vision clear so now I’m seeing through ya, writing you a letter Imma send it to ya.”

There’s two sides to every story, however, and G-Eazy returns fire in his verse. “I sent her flowers, and all she sent back was ‘hope all is well,’ she said that love don’t cost a thing but got that pussy for sale.” Well, then! Cassie has been threatening to relaunch for years — announcing a new single called “Make-Up” at last year’s VMAs and then teasing a new song called “Glass Ceiling.” She then made a surprise return to the iTunes top 30 with debut single “Me + U” after it featured in Diddy’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: The Bad Boy Story documentary.

Unlike most mid-’00s sensations, Cassie’s sound has never gone out of style. Her frosty, electro-tinged R&B sound is still ahead of the curve and you can’t help but think she’s one big song away from an improbable but not entirely shocking comeback. Listen to “Love A Loser” below.

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