J-Pop Trio Perfume Announces New Single “If You Wanna”

Mike Wass | July 24, 2017 7:19 pm

Perfume has been Japan’s leading girl-group for more than a decade, but they recently turned their attention to the international market. The trio, who specializes in futuristic-electro and intricate hand choreography, played a handful of sold-out shows in North America last year and received coverage from major publications like Vogue (they apparently have the best hair in music!) and Rolling Stone. The music magazine included the group’s Cosmic Explorer LP as one of the top 20 pop albums of 2016.

With all that momentum, it makes sense that Perfume would get straight back to work. Japan’s electro-pop sirens are releasing a new single called “If You Wanna” on August 30. Somewhat unusually, you might gave already heard the B-Side. It’s the ruthlessly upbeat bop that features in Panasonic’s viral washing machine commercial. (YouTube videos of the campaign have already racked up 7 million views). Check out “Everyday” below while we wait for the enduring hitmakers’ latest track to arrive.

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