Charli XCX Readies A Dreamy Music Video For New Single “Boys”

Mike Nied | July 25, 2017 5:53 pm
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Boys. Sometimes a girl just needs one, and it seems like Charli XCX had a couple guys on her mind when she hit the studio to record her forthcoming single “Boys.” Earlier this week the songstress announced that she would be unleashing the track on BBC Radio 1 tomorrow (July 26), but today she revealed that the accompanying music video would be following immediately thereafter. She has posted a small snippet of the track and video ahead of its release, and it seems like the Brit has got another potential hit on her hands.

“I was busy thinking ’bout boys,” the “Break the Rules” siren coos over what sounds like a glitchy, video game-inspired production. The accompanying footage is as hazy as any home video from the ’90s, and it features some broken down, retro tech and the torsos of some sexy boys that are tempting her. The throwback aesthetic plays off a series of collages she shared on her socials last week. “I wasn’t a teen in the 90s but if i was my diary would have probably looked a lil like this… (going thru a boy phase atm lol),” she coyly wrote on one of the posts. Those collages may come in handy as we wait for the single to drop, as it appears some of the lyrics may be hidden alongside pictures of dreamy crushes.

“Sorry that I missed ur party; wish I had a better excuse… But I was busy thinking ’bout boys,” the collage reads, making for one of the most relatable statements in pop music this year. It looks like “Boys” is shaping up to be another promising release from the always-evolving hitmaker. After this year’s massively promising Number 1 Angel mixtape and 2016’s growling Vroom Vroom EP, it’s safe to say that Charli XCX is always reliable for a relatable and fun bop. Check out the teaser for “Boys” below.


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