Lara Fabian Announces English-Language LP ‘Camouflage’

Mike Wass | July 25, 2017 8:14 pm

Lara Fabian holds a special place in the heart of Y2K pop fans. The Belgian-born diva, who is a superstar across Europe, tried to crack America with a self-titled LP in 1999 and came very close with soaring dance anthem “I Will Love Again.” The track peaked at 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the dance chart. A remix of the very underrated follow-up, “I Am Who I Am,” was also a club favorite, but the songbird’s powerful vocals were too much for casual pop fans to handle and she returned to French-Language music shortly thereafter.

The hitmaker, who is often compared to Celine Dion, is now gearing up for a comeback (in the English-speaking world, at least). Lara will release a new single called “Growing Wings” on August 4. That will be followed by her 13th studio album, Camouflage, on October 6. The opus consists of 12 songs that were largely co-written and composed by the songstress. Other collaborators include Swedish producer Moh Denebi (he helmed the whole album) and songwriter Sharon Vaughn. It also promises to be an eclectic affair.

“[The album] unites the signature vocals of Fabian with electro-pop production and classic orchestration… resulting in a modern and timeless sound,” the press release gushes. It also notes that remixes will be forthcoming. I’m extremely excited about this. Camouflage sounds like the true follow-up to Lara Fabian. A Wonderful Life and Every Woman In Me were treats for English-speaking fans, but they were largely comprised of covers and stripped-back ballads. It sounds like Lara has got her groove back.

And here is the artwork for my new album CAMOUFLAGE (pre-orders start on August 4th)

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