Jessica Lea Mayfield Brightens Up On The Breezy “Sorry Is Gone”

Mike Wass | July 26, 2017 8:10 am

Jessica Lea Mayfield has been my go-to purveyor of sparse, melancholy singer/songwriter fare since the arrival of 2011’s brilliant Tell Me. It comes as something of a surprise then, that the 27-year-old’s new single is positively upbeat (at least by her standards). “Leave me alone but I want you with me every minute,” she declares over jangly guitars. “Leave me alone, I’m safe at heart but I deserve to occupy this space without feeling like I don’t belong.” That takes us to the breezy, almost-pop chorus: “I’m sorry the sorry the sorry is gone.”

“The whole record is about me taking my life back, without really realizing it,” Jessica says of her upcoming 4th LP, which is also called Sorry Is Gone. “I realized I’m the only person that is going to look out for me. I have to be my main person. No one else.” She the gives some insight into her process. “I have to sing about things and write about things that have happened to me as therapy. That’s what connects me to other music I listen to. I want music to make me feel things. This is my inner dialogue, and my chance to get the last word.”

Sorry Is Gone drops on September 29. Watch the video for the very-good title track up top.

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