Poo Bear Reunites With Skrillex For “Would You Ever”

Mike Wass | July 26, 2017 6:46 pm
Justin Bieber's 'Where Are Ü Now' Video
Jack Ü & Justin called on fans to contribute to their 'Where Are Ü Now' video.

Poo Bear, who is best known for co-producing most of Justin Bieber’s Purpose album, teams up with Skrillex for a new single called “Would You Ever.” The hitmakers previously worked together on Jack Ü and Justin’s Grammy-winning “Where Are Ü Now” and that smash hit is as good a reference point as any for their new collaboration. The summery house anthem takes a less-is-more approach to lyrics (the chorus is simply “Would you ever?” x 4), but it’s heavy on good vibes and bone-rattling beats.

After largely staying behind the scenes (he released a single called “Work For It” a couple of years ago), it looks likes Poo Bear is ready to launch an artist project. And “Would You Ever” has every chance of being a hit, particularly when you factor in the soon-to-go viral video. The majority of the clip focuses on The Hairy Longboarder, a YouTube phenomenon that delivers killer choreography while skating along an empty highway. Watch the hypnotic visual up top.

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