Lorde Poses For ‘Fashion Magazine,’ Opens Up About Her Creative Process

Mike Wass | August 1, 2017 8:11 pm
Lorde's 'Melodrama': Album Review
Lorde returns with her sophomore LP, which explores the dangers of letting loose.

Lorde strikes a pose for the pragmatically-titled Fashion Magazine, serving a series of ethereal, flowery looks. The 20-year-old also gave an interview about her creative process. “I’m hyper-musical, but I don’t really play anything,” the Kiwi reveals. “I write the songs with different chords because I know exactly what I want chord-wise, and then I sing out the chords. I’m very musical, just not in the traditional way, I guess.” That method informed her working relationship with Melodrama producer Jack Antonoff.

“It was such exploration,” Lorde explains. “The instinct is to assume that I wrote all the lyrics and he did all the production, but sonically this album is so my baby.” Not that they had the easier working relationship. “I think I definitely shoot from the hip probably 90 per cent of the time,” the “Green Light” singer admits. “There were times when Jack would be like, ‘Just give me a second; don’t shoot this down straight away’ and I was occasionally surprised, which was nice.”

My favorite part of the interview, however, is this lovely quote about pop music. “It’s about distilling emotions down to their sleekest, shiniest and simplest form,” Lorde explains. “And if you do that successfully, it’s like shooting up the cleanest drug imaginable. It’s not cut with anything; it’s so simple it just goes straight to your brain.” Well said. Click through her stunning shoot up top.

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