Rude! A Paparazzo Advises Mariah Carey To Watch Her Cholesterol

Mike Wass | August 3, 2017 8:09 pm
Mariah Carey Is Basically A Saint
Patriot, Feminist Role Model & LGBTQ Icon. Mariah Carey is basically a saint.

Well, this is just rude! Mariah Carey was enjoying a date night with (pretend) boyfriend Bryan Tanaka when a paparazzo decided to run his mouth as she left one of Los Angeles’ fanciest restaurants. While Mimi blessed fans with autographs and generally exuded glamor in a typically stylish black ensemble, the unidentified verbal assailant loudly told the “I Don’t” diva that she should watch her cholesterol. There is a visible grimace on her face when the words register.

He didn’t stop there. The feelings-destroyer then asked Mariah if she ate a lot of steak. I’m pretty sure the 47-year-old’s eating habits are none of his business. Apart from being grilled with inappropriate questions, Mimi is gearing up for her annual Christmas takeover. It’s a given that “All I Want For Christmas Is You” will slay the charts, but she’s also releasing a new track called “The Star” from a similarly-titled animated movie. Watch the enduring hitmaker’s awkward run in with the paparazzi below.

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