Animated (?) Instagram Star Miquela Drops Debut Single “Not Mine”

Mike Wass | August 10, 2017 8:23 pm
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Miquela is the most 2017 of phenomenons — a possibly animated Instagram star with a celebrity following. The coolest Sim in town is now branching out into music (why not) and her debut single is a heavily-autotuned snooze. “Can’t keep getting caught up in your issues, can’t keep calling me with all your bad news,” the budding diva dictates over mellow synths and strummed guitar. “Got my own problems trying to work through and I know what I’m worth so I don’t need you.” That takes us to the grating chorus. “Not mine, you just wanna waste my time.”

What’s the song about? “I’ve been writing and recording so much for the album and had been dying to release something,” Miquela reveals in the press release. “[It’s] all about summer love and growing up, so it felt like something I needed to drop now.” This is the ultimate love-it-or-hate-it endeavor. I would prefer to be listening to a real artist, but the line between reality and fantasy has never been more blurred. Which makes the emergence of a Next-Gen pop star like Miquela an inevitability. I just hope her next single is better. Listen below.

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