If Selena Gomez’s New Album Was A Color It Would Be “Deep Blue”

Mike Wass | August 14, 2017 6:10 pm
Selena's Unhinged 'Fetish' Video
Selena Gomez eats cleaning products and twirls around a freezer in her 'Fetish' video.

Selena Gomez held a Twitter Q&A/streaming party this afternoon (August 14) and revealed very little about her upcoming album, but that’s ok because I guess this counts as promo. What did we learn? Well, if the pop star had to describe her new album with a color it would be “a deep blue.” (Does that mean it’s a downer or simply calming?) She also revealed that there’s a latin influence on the project and said there’s one song that’s particularly important to her and that it’s a ballad.

Other tidbits of information include the fact that she dislikes quail egg intensely, enjoyed working with Kygo on “It Ain’t Me” and, somewhat surprisingly, singles out “Me & The Rhythm” as her favorite song on Revival. Oh, and her favorite childhood movies were Wizard Of Oz and Sixteen Candles. The 25-year-old hasn’t really done much to support “Fetish” or “Bad Liar,” so this is a step in the right direction. Who knows, we might even get a live performance before the end of 2017! See some of Selena’s answers below.

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