Tyga Is On The Prowl: A List Of Women That Tyga Has Dated

Sara | August 17, 2017 12:29 pm

Rapper Tyga is known for such hits as Rack City, Faded, Make it Nasty, and Still Got It. Another thing that Tyga is known for is the amount of women that he has been affiliated with. Some people try to find the right one, but that may take a really long time. This seems true in the case of Tyga. Who exactly are these women that Tyga has dated? Without further adieu, here they are!

Mia Isabella

Mia Isabella is an adult performer. She identifies herself as being a transgender adult performer. It is not known if Tyga has had an association with Mia Isabella, but some sources say that there may have been a possible encounter between these two.

Mia Isabella

According to Mia Isabella, she took screenshots of a conversation that were supposedly between her and Tyga. Mia Isabella went on Instagram and claimed that she has had relations with Tyga. She has released several statements on Instagram, such as: “Seven months I stayed depressed protecting you while losing everything. I’m not taking any more L’s from you “ and “All this time all I asked while you and your team tried to extort me into silence with threats and bribery was to tell the world that I did nothing wrong. Very simple, I didn’t release anything and I NEVER threatened to release a sex-tape but you decided to let the world make me a villain and you the victim and you weren’t. “