Taylor Swift Posts Mysterious Snake Video, Comeback Seems Imminent

Mike Nied | August 21, 2017 12:29 pm

Taylor Swift sure knows how to orchestrate an effective media takeover. Last week the 27-year-old made headlines when she scrubbed her social platforms and blacked out her website. It seemed like she was signaling an imminent comeback, and today (August 21) she appears to have confirmed that something is on the way when she posted a cryptic video on her feeds.

The video in question features a snake slithering across the ground, which could be an attempt to co-opt her snake-like reputation online. There’s no sound, and comments are blocked on Instagram; however, the unnerving visual implies that she’s got something in the works. A new song and video are rumored to be dropping as soon as this Friday (August 25) just in time for the VMAs on Sunday.

If Taylor is releasing a new single it will be the first since her Zayn Malik collaboration “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” dropped last year. The single dominated radio through the first quarter of 2017, but since then the “Bad Blood” siren has been relatively silent. If she kicks off a new era the week of the VMAs she’s bound to capitalize on the press at the event. Rumors have been circulating that she may take the stage to perform with the evening’s host Katy Perry, which would be a brilliant marketing strategy. It also would not be the first time that she has ended a feud during the awards show, as Taylor hopped onstage with Nicki Minaj to perform together in 2015. I’m here for a medley of “Swish Swish” and Tay’s newest release. Check out the cryptic message below!

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