Maybe It’s A Grower? Taylor Swift Drops “Look What You Made Me Do”

Mike Wass | August 25, 2017 12:39 am
Taylor Swift Announces 'Reputation'
Taylor Swift's sixth studio album is called 'Reputation' (due November 10).

It’s finally here! Taylor Swift kicks off the Reputation era with a feisty bop called “Look What You Made Me Do.” Produced by Jack Antonoff, the track is more of a statement than the instantly catchy anthem we’re used to from the 1989 diva. As expected from the dramatic cover of her new LP, the song finds the 27-year-old reacting to the cloud of bad publicity that has hung around her for most of 2016/2017. “I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time,” she coos over synths on the pre-chorus.

“Honey, I rose up from the dead I do it all the time.” Taylor’s not finished there, however. “I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined,” she declares. “I check it once, then I check it twice.” That takes us to the chorus. “Ooh, look what you made me do.” It’s all very vague, but could be interpreted as a response to any of her detractors. Which is probably the whole point. However, it doesn’t make for a particularly engaging pop song. “Look What You Made Me Do” is a curiosity, but not the pop explosion of “We Are Never Getting Back Together” or “Shake It off.” Listen below.

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