Sarah Hudson’s Magical ‘Songs From The Sea’ Short Film

Mike Wass | August 28, 2017 2:48 pm
Sarah Hudson Talks 'Song From The Sea' EP
We speak to Sarah Hudson about her new EP, 'Songs From The Sea.'

One of the year’s most refreshing releases is Sarah Hudson’s new age-adjacent, genre-bending Songs From The Sea. A passion project pieced together between songwriting sessions for other artists, the six-song set veers serenely from tender ballads to ’90s house. “This EP is a story for me,” she tells Paper. “I didn’t really set out to make singles or try to make a radio hit. I wanted to make an artistic, cohesive collection of songs that embodied my essence at the time.” That’s why the singer/songwriter has opted for a short film instead of individual videos.

And it’s something of a blockbuster. Sarah poses on cliffs, dives underwater, throws a rave in a forest, perches in a tree and parades through wild flowers. “Each song is connected to a magical element,” she explains. “For example, ‘Mermaid’ is water, ‘Black Crow’ is air, ‘Voices’ is fire, ‘Gypsy Girl’ is goddess mother nature, ‘Love Me This Way’ is spirit, and ‘Wildflowers’ is earth. So it was essential for me to be connected to nature while filming it.” Watch the Liza Voloshin-directed opus up top.

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