HyunA Serves Tropical Synth-Pop With Aptly-Titled New Single “BABE”

Jacques Peterson | August 29, 2017 12:08 pm
East Beat: BoA & HyunA
We round up the week's best Asian pop music in East Beat.

HyunA had her big solo breakthrough with 2011’s summery “Bubble Pop,” but in recent years she’s moved closer to dark, thot-ish bangers like “Roll Deep” and “How’s This?” Now she’s ready to lighten the mood again with her playful new single, “BABE.”

Produced by Korean hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger, “BABE” sees HyunA mix the current tropical trend with a bubbly synth-pop chorus that really brings some much needed playfulness back to her increasingly sexualized image. There’s a lot of English in “BABE” for international fans, with HyunA opening the song by singing “I am just 26, 26, 26,” before counting down her age on the hook until she hits 21.

It’ll be interesting to see how “BABE” fares against Sunmi’s “Gashina,” another tropical track that’s more on the generic side than HyunA’s quirky new tune. Check it out below.

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