They’re Back! Tegan And Sara Feature On Matthew Dear’s “Bad Ones”

Mike Wass | August 29, 2017 5:49 pm
Pop Perspective: Tegan And Sara's 'Boyfriend'
Our editors rate and review Tegan and Sara's bubbly new single 'Boyfriend.'

Tegan and Sara have been fairly quiet (as far as new music goes) since dropping underrated 8th LP Love You To Death in 2016. Pop’s favorite twins return today with a collaboration with artist/producer Matthew Dear, who they previously teamed up with for a cover of Tears For Fears’ “Pale Shelter” in 2013. Their latest collaboration is a moody banger about love and self-sabotage. “If I was one of the good ones, I don’t think you’d like me,” they sing on the soaring chorus. “I’m one of the bad ones and that’s why you feel lucky.”

How did the song come together? Matthew kindly fills in the blanks on SoundCloud. “I have been a fan of Tegan and Sara since first hearing ‘Walking With A Ghost.’ My interest was greater piqued with their album Heartthrob,” he explains. “I sent a message that I loved it to find out they were fans of mine. The connection was made, and we discussed future collaborations. When working on new songs I had them in mind. I had a loop for ‘Bad Ones’ and thought they’d be great on it. Tegan and Sara eagerly accepted the challenge to write more, so I sent it over.”

“Practically overnight, they returned with the verse and the chorus, written from scratch over my loop. I spent the next month working on it, turning a demo into a full-fledged song. Working with Tegan and Sara reminds me the best songs are born from an open and free process. Often times, we need to get out of our own way to let the magic happen, and this song is a bold reminder of that.” Listen to the soaring track below.

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