Halsey’s Dystopian Saga Continues In Her “Bad At Love” Video

Mike Wass | August 31, 2017 1:31 am

Halsey unveiled the video for “Bad At Love” this afternoon (August 30) and it picks up where “Now Or Never” left off — with the “Closer” hitmaker navigating her way through a dystopian universe. Only this time, she tones down the symbolism and action. It begins with our heroine stopping for gas and bumping into a tarot reader with a bird mask. Halsey then meets a trio of hot chicks and they play games with a couple of futuristic cops. They then ride into the sunset. The end.

I guess this is the part of the Romeo & Juliet-inspired saga where Halsey lets her hair down (figuratively) and parties with the girls. As for the song, “Bad At Love” is the obvious choice for second single from Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Produced by Ricky Reed, the relatable banger documents the 22-year-old’s string of failed relationships without skimping on hooks or the chorus. The track has already racked up tens of million streams combined since the album dropped and those numbers will climb rapidly with the release of the video.

Dive into the pop star’s alternate universe below.

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