Rebecca Black Bares Her Soul On “Heart Full Of Scars”

Mike Nied | September 1, 2017 3:34 pm

Rebecca Black is celebrating New Music Friday by releasing the latest cut from her RE/BL EP, the confessional single “Heart Full of Scars.” On the release, the 20-year-old addresses the difficulties she faced after she going viral with the music video for her single “Friday” at 13. The then eighth-grade student received death threats and became the butt of jokes in the media, but she refused to let that stop her. Six years later, she has an important message for her naysayers: she was not broken by the experience.

“Sometimes you bleed for who you are. It’s hard to love with a heart full of scars. I won’t feed into your dark; I’ll keep loving with a heart full of scars,” she confidently declares as she soldiers on toward happiness. It is a triumphant moment for the singer and is accompanied by a joyful production of lush synths, tropical elements and slick beat drops. She sounds fully at home on the track and has clearly emerged from her past stronger than ever.

The “Friday” songstress has come a long way from her youthful debut in 2011. In April, she offered up a taste of RE/BL with the lovelorn “Foolish,” and found a home on the Billboard Club Songs chart (ahead of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, in fact) with “The Great Divide.” The EP will include two additional original songs and is set to drop on September 15. Two weeks later, she and fellow LGBTQ YouTubers Miles McKenna and Shannon Beveridge will embark on their 17-date Love is Love Tour across North America.

Listen to “Heart Full Of Scars” below.

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