New Music This Year? Madonna Is Ready To Start On Album 14

Mike Wass | September 5, 2017 3:10 pm
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It looks like Madonna is ready to get to work on her 14th album. The superstar recently moved to Lisbon, Portugal and is feeling rejuvenated. “The energy of Portugal is so inspiring,” she captioned an Instagram post announcing her new address. “I feel very creative and alive here and I look forward to working on my film LOVED and making New Music!!!” She then threw in a bunch of emojis (Cher’s impact) and added: “This will be the next Chapter in My Book! It’s time to conquer the world from a different vantage point!!”

While she’s clearly at the very early stages, it’s great to learn that Madonna has music on the mind. After all, the Queen of Pop would be well within her rights to take an extended break after the Rebel Heart debacle. The album leaked months ahead of release, which prompted many of the songs to be re-produced (in most cases, for the worse). She was then stonewalled by pop radio, literally fell on her face at the BRITS and was the subject of endless ageist think pieces after a cameo at Coachella. I’m glad that the 59-year-old is ready to get back in the studio and show these bitches that she’s still the boss.

See the pop star’s amusing Instagram updates below. Also, customs needs to give M. her packages!

I used to be a basket case but now I Live in Lisbon! 🇵🇹♥️💯🎼🐎🍷💃🏻😂 👜!

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