It Looks Like Nick Jonas Is About To Roll Out New Music

Mike Wass | September 11, 2017 1:20 pm
Nick Jonas' 'Champagne Problems' Video
Nick Jonas rages in neon-drenched 'Champagne Problems' video. Watch now.

Update: Nick’s new single is called “Find You.” See his announcement below.

It looks like Nick Jonas is ready to introduce his third solo album (as an adult). The pop star has been teasing pics of sand dunes on Instagram and recently changed his Facebook cover to the same sandy snap. It was all a little confusing until an update account posted the full image, which appears to be a single or album cover. Given how quickly labels move these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get something new on Friday (September 15) or, if there’s a bigger rollout planned, the week after.

While new music from Nick is always a good thing, I hope his new era is more in the vein of “Jealous” and “Chains” (i.e. soulful pop/R&B) than the electro-heavy sound of Last Year Was Complicated. The lead single, “Close,” was on the money, but the following singles failed to connect — largely due to bizarre choices (no one wanted “Bacon”) and off-trend, at least in America, club beats. The cover art (below) is epic and intriguing, so let’s hope the 24-year-old comes through with a big song.

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