Aly & AJ Are Bewitching & Bloodthirsty Vampires In Their “Take Me” Video

Mike Nied | September 14, 2017 2:30 pm
Aly & AJ Are Back
Goodbye, 78violet. Beloved duo Aly & AJ return to their original moniker.

Aly & AJ are a beguiling pair of vampires in the music video for their 80’s-tinged new single, “Take Me.” Directed by Alex Ross Perry and shot by Sean Price Williams, the sisters take to the streets of Los Angeles in search of their prey, settling on a group of enamored celebrities including Amanda Crew, Madeline Zima and Josh Pence. Once they have ensnared the trio, they take them home, get them drunk and prepare for a bloody feast.

Inspired by the song’s throwback vibes, the duo rocked some impressive blush-colored looks from the era while toying with their prey. They also made an effort to shoot the footage in a manner that paid tribute to the 80’s. For example, Perry explained that they used 16mm film to shoot the project. In a press release he also revealed that Aly & AJ reached out to him on Instagram to collaborate on the project. “The opportunity to shoot in Los Angeles for the first time, in a wonderful location that I could never dream of having access to (and just up the road from the house where Sharon Tate was murdered) was one I couldn’t imagine passing up.”

“Take Me” is a fierce anthem that could help reintroduce the sisters to the public after a 10 year break from music. “Aly and I felt personally discouraged by music in general,” AJ explained of their decision to take a break after releasing their sophomore LP Insomniac in 2007. In 2014 they attempted a soft relaunch, rebranding themselves as 78Violet and unleashing a Boho-chic video for a new single “Hothouse.” Although they had announced plans for an album’s worth of material, it rapidly leaked to the web. By 2015, the girls had abandoned the project and returned to their original moniker.

Doing so seems to have helped them rediscover themselves. “Once we were able to embrace who we were and once we started writing again these last few years, we were able to find the direction we actually lean,” Aly said. If “Take Me” is an indication of what to expect, it is clear that the pair have something fierce in the works. Check out the witchy video up top.

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