Crazy Costumes & Cosmic Props: Katy Perry Kicks Off The ‘Witness Tour’

Mike Wass | September 20, 2017 1:07 pm
Katy Perry's 'Witness' Vinyl
Urban Outfitters is releasing the pop star's 'Witness' on limited edition double vinyl.

Katy Perry kicked off Witness: The Tour in Montreal, Canada last night (September 19) and it looks like a pop concert from another dimension. The hitmaker rocks a variety of crazy costumes — my favorite is the chain-metal dress and hood combo — while straddling cosmic props like a giant replica of saturn and what or may not be God’s hand. There’s also a giant basketball hoop, a futuristic motorcycle, an outsized pink phone and what appears to be a very large piece of lettuce with matching salt and pepper shakers.

The pop star didn’t only deliver visually, the setlist is also pretty flawless — weaving classic hits with Witness bops. The concert is broken into five separate acts and begins with the title track, before moving on to “Roulette,” “Dark Horse” and “Chained To The Rhythm.” The next chapter focuses on retro hits like “Teenage Dream” and “Hot N Cold,” while act three is when things get a little sexy with “Tsunami” and “Bon Appetit.” The ballads come next (“Thinking Of You” and “Save As Draft”), before Katy brings back the bangers to close the show.

My only real complaint is the ongoing erasure of Witness highlight “Miss You More” (!) and the absence of Prism gems like “This Is How We Do” and “Unconditionally.” All in all, however, the setlist is pretty hard to fault. See all the songs performed below.

Katy Perry’s Witness Tour setlist:

  1. Witness
  2. Roulette
  3. Dark Horse
  4. Chained to the Rhythm
  5. Teenage Dream
  6. Hot N Cold
  7. Last Friday Night
  8. California Gurls
  9. I Kissed a Girl
  10. Deja Vu
  11. Tsunami
  12. E.T.
  13. Bon Appetit
  14. Thinking of You
  15. Save As Draft
  16. Power
  17. Hey Hey Hey
  18. Part of Me
  19. Swish Swish
  20. Roar
  21. Firework

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