Nick Jonas Poses In The Studio For ‘At Large’ Magazine

Mike Wass | September 20, 2017 2:54 pm
Nick Jonas Drops 'Find You'
Nick Jonas kicks off his new era with a breezy bop called 'Find You.'

What is it with today and male pop stars posing for arty magazines with a minimal digital presence? Charlie Puth peeled off his shirt for a black-and-white shoot in Hero magazine, while Nick Jonas gets his model on for At Large. The “Find You” singer keeps his clothes on (sorry), but the pics are similarly candid. Only in Nick’s case, he lounges around the studio — serving looks while working on music. I can’t remember another studio-based shoot like this, so well done to At Large for bringing the hitmaker’s day job into the equation.

The 25-year-old kicked off his new era last week with “Find You,” an Avicii/Robin Schulz-channeling EDM banger with strong acoustic elements. The track shot into the top 10 on iTunes and is certainly more instant than recent singles like “Bacon” and “Remember I Told You.” Time will tell if the Jack & Coke-produced bop is another “Jealous”-sized hit, but it’s off to a promising start. The slightly surreal video and a string of planned promo appearances with only help its cause. Click through Nick’s new shoot up top.

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