Should Have Been Bigger: Kylie Minogue’s Perky “Timebomb”

Alexis Hodoyan-Gastelum | September 20, 2017 3:28 pm
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Before we begin, let’s get our facts straight: Kylie Minogue’s entire career should have been bigger. America continuously snubbed the one true queen of dance-pop and now we have to live in a world where the wrong Kylie reigns supreme in the media. For the purposes of this column, however, we’ll focus on the banger that should have given the Aussie hitmaker another smash, “Timebomb.”

To celebrate her 25 year-long career and her 45th birthday, Kylie dropped “Timebomb” in May 2012. A disco-tinged electronic anthem with fuzzy synths and a catchy chorus, the song was made for the dance floor and very much on-trend for the time. Which makes sense given that it was co-written by one half of Dirty Vegas and the masterminds behind gems “Chocolate” and “Sparks.” It was also reminiscent of the diva’s past hits “Wow” and “Love At First Sight.” With “Timebomb,” Kylie, once again, managed to deliver pop perfection.

In 2012, the American music industry was deep in the EDM craze with hits like Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends,” Nicki Minaj’s “Starships,” and Kesha’s “Die Young.” The setting was perfect for “Timebomb” to takeover. But, of course, like every other Kylie single since “Slow,” it failed to make a dent in the Hot 100. It performed better on the dance chart, however, where it peaked at number one.

“Timebomb” is the song of the summer than never was. From Australia to the U.K. to Mexico to New Zealand, the track was moderately successful around the world except in — you guessed it! – the land of the uncultured free. But the most disrespectful aspect of “Timebomb” flopping is that it is actually Kylie’s second highest-selling (digital) single in the U.S. after “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.”

Why the U.S. keeps sleeping on Kylie Minogue is probably the biggest pop mystery is history. The Red Blooded Woman is a global icon that never disappoints with each and every release and has continued to deliver stellar performances and music videos throughout her lengthy career. We truly don’t deserve her.

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