Miley Cyrus Rolls Out Break-Up Anthem “Week Without You”

Mike Wass | September 21, 2017 5:38 pm
Miley Cyrus Unveils The Cover Of 'Younger Now'
Miley Cyrus unveils the cover and tracklist of 6th LP, 'Younger Now.'

Miley Cyrus is hoping to revive the Younger Now era with a perky break-up anthem called “Week Without You.” A country-tinged ditty about her brief split with Liam Hemsworth, the song is pleasant enough but ultimately forgettable. “If I spent a week without you, bet you’d wonder what I do,” she begins the song over a throbbing guitar line. “I think that I’d start going out, get caught kissing other dudes.” From there, she outlines how much better single life would be.

However, there’s a twist. “You know I’d miss you, baby,” Miley coos on the outro. All’s well that ends well, I guess. While I admire the 25-year-old’s decision to write the album herself, it has resulted in a very obvious lack of singles. It might make more sense as a whole, but this is starting to sound like a passion project she made with only her future husband in mind. Again, that’s fair enough. It just makes for a fairly inaccessible era. Hopefully there’s another “Younger Now” or “Malibu” on the album somewhere.

Listen to the (former) pop star’s latest single below.

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