Fergie Continues ‘Double Dutchess’ Promo With “Love Is Pain” & “Love Is Blind” Visuals

Mike Nied | September 26, 2017 2:07 pm

Fergie has pulled out all the stops since releasing her sophomore LP Double Dutchess on Friday (September 22). The project was plagued by a series of leaks that seemed destined to derail it; however, the 42-year-old diva soldiered on with a detailed schedule to unveil some fierce visuals in support of the album. Today (September 26), she has added to the collection with videos for “Love Is Pain” and “Love Is Blind.”

Thus far the visual components have been slightly hit or miss. The stylish video for album-standout “Like It Ain’t Nuttin'” was a sprawling treat, while the 11-plus minute effort for “A Little Work” felt a little clumsier. Her latest are more of the same filled with stunning highs and some confusing lows.

Inexplicably, Fergie doesn’t appear in the Bruno Ilogti-directed visual for “Love Is Blind.” Instead Ilgoti makes use of animated dolls to reveal the pains of a woman unlucky in love. The leading lady, a blond doll that resembles the “Fergalicious” siren, gets her revenge on a series of lovers who have wronged her. She’s a femme fatale with a viscous streak, but the less said about this video the better.

Nina McNeely’s treatment for “Love Is Pain” is a much stronger outing. Fergie appears onscreen between cuts of an interpretive dancer. Dressed as a goddess in stunning gowns, she emotes beautifully over the evocative production. Making use of beautiful set pieces and some creative staging elevates the video and makes it one of the better efforts from the collection, though there are still some odd moments scattered throughout.

It seems that Fergie is at her best when she strips back some of the ridiculous marketing ploys and allows her own emotions to shine through. Hopefully she keeps this in mind moving forward. Watch “Love is Pain” up top and check out “Love is Blind” below!

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