Tinashe Drops A Sparkly Dance-Pop Anthem… For A Football Commercial

Mike Wass | September 27, 2017 4:44 pm
Tinashe's 'Flame' Video
Tinashe's 'Flame' video is a little underwhelming. What's going on?

Like most of the world (and possibly Tinashe herself), I have completely lost track of the Joyride era. I’m sure it will be dope if it ever arrives, but I don’t have the energy to get excited about albums that may or may not exist. As a result, I’m taking it track by track. I loved “Flame” (so underrated), but it was a little too pop for her hardcore fans. So I can only imagine what they will make of “Light The Night Up” — a sugary, disco-tinged banger that somehow wound up on a Thursday Night Football commercial.

“It’s in the air, sun’s going down,” Tee coos over zippy synths. “It’s what you feel when you light up this town.” The lyrics just get worse from there. “We’re cheering tonight and we’re loving the sound, we could light the night up.” First of all, Tinashe isn’t the first artist that springs to mind when I think of football. Secondly, the diva’s greatest asset is her credibility and cool factor. Throwing it away on material like this doesn’t seem wise. Oh well, I guess the NFL just got a whole lot campier. Listen below.

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