Beyonce Jumps On A Remix Of J Balvin & Willy William’s “Mi Gente”

Mike Wass | September 28, 2017 9:37 pm
'Mi Gente' Is The Next 'Despacito'
J Balvin and Willy William's 'Mi Gente' is shaping up to be the next 'Despacito.'

This is not a drill! Beyonce just dropped a new single. Well, kind of. Queen Bey jumps on a remix of J Balvin & Willy William’s Latin smash “Mi Gente,” which was already well on its way to becoming the next “Despacito.” The reason for the diva’s cameo? To raise money for charity. “I am donating my proceeds from this song to hurricane and earthquake relief charities for Puerto Rico, Mexico and other affected Caribbean islands,” she announced on social media. To help go… [here].”

As for the remix, Beyonce adds a verse in Spanish (that Irreemplazable EP finally came in handy!) and then another in English. “He say my body stay wetter than the ocean and he say that creole in my body is like a potion,” she spits over the throbbing beat. “I can be a beast or I can give you emotion but please don’t question my devotion.” This is when it gets really fun. “I been giving birth on these haters cause I’m fertile, see these double C’s on this bag (murda),” the 34-year-old brags. “Want my double D’s in his bed (serta).”

The hitmaker even gives Jay Z’s 4:44 a shout-out. “If you really love me make an album about me (word up), soon as I walk in boys start their talkin’,” Beyonce coos. “Right as that booty sway (freeze) (slay), lift up your people from Texas to Puerto Rico, dem islands to Mexico.” Listen to the banger below.

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