Cody Simpson & The Tide Debut With Breezy ‘Wave One’ EP

Mike Wass | September 29, 2017 6:48 am
Cody Simpson Interview
Cody Simpson spoke to us about his acoustic album and future plans.

Cody Simpson & The Tide’s Wave One EP picks up where the Australian singer’s independently-released (and seriously underrated) Free LP left off. Namely, with a heartfelt collection of breezy surf-rock anthems. However, he takes it further this time — dabbling in psychedelia and ’60s pop. It’s hard to pick a standout, but “Waiting For The Tide” is perfect for a sunny beach afternoon and “Ramona” is delightfully offbeat. After several twists and turns, it looks like Cody has finally found his sound.

What inspired him to form a band instead of going it alone? “I conceived of a concept, a project, a band,” the 20-year-old explains. “The Tide. The Tide, acting as a sonic exemplar of flow and fluidity. The way of things. The way of nature. Guitars, rock and surf music, psychedelia, transcendence from everyday bourgeois consciousness… a fluidity that the ocean’s tide exemplifies so flawlessly. The way of the tide. The sun and the moon. Zen spontaneity.” So there you go!

You can stream Cody’s Wave One EP in full below.

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