Maroon 5’s New Album Is Called ‘Red Pill Blues’

Mike Wass | October 4, 2017 5:15 pm
Maroon 5 & SZA's 'What Lovers Do' Video
Dinosaurs, singing squirrels and SZA star in the veteran band's latest music video.

Maroon 5 announced the title and release date of their 6th LP on social media earlier today (October 4). Red Pill Blues drops November 3 with pre-order starting October 6. The album, which was executive-produced by Jacob Kasher, is expected to contain 2016 smash “Don’t Wanna know” as well as “Cold” and current hit “What Lovers Do.” Adam Levine & Co. haven’t explained the title yet, but there are also several theories doing the rounds. It is generally interpreted as a jab at the red pill movement.

What is that exactly? It has something to do with the rise of meninists (men’s rights activists) and is explained here if you want to kill some brain cells. According to other fans, the title is strictly related to The Matrix. If you haven’t watched the sci-fi classic in a minute, the red pill helps Neo escape into the real world. The blue pill, on the other hand, would allow him to remain in the comfort of a simulated reality. It’s all very interesting but I just want to hear some bops! See the band’s announcement below.

New album #RedPillBlues. Pre-order on 10.6.17

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