Miley Cyrus Drops “Younger Now” Remix Package

Mike Wass | October 5, 2017 7:25 pm
Miley's 'Younger Now:' Album Review
Miley Cyrus attempts a country-pop reinvention on her sixth LP with mixed results.

Miley Cyrus is hoping to resuscitate “Younger Now,” the title track of her 6th LP and current single, with a remix package. The twangy bop debuted at number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100, before falling off the following week. It isn’t doing particularly well at radio and streaming numbers are low, but it might find more love in the clubs. The (former) pop star has wrangled a bunch of big DJs for the project including R3HAB, BURNS, Fred Falke, Niko The Kid, DJ Premier and Syn Cole.

This is one of those songs that doesn’t naturally lend itself to a club overhaul and the charm of the original gets lost in some of the remixes. If you’re looking for a big electro-house version for the club (or treadmill), stick with the ever-reliable R3HAB. BURNS offers something a little left-of-center, while Fred Falke gives the country bop a disco twist (a weird sub-genre since Dolly Parton did “Baby I’m Burning”). You can stream all of the remixes below.

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