Rachel Platten Makes Waves With Her Slick New Track “Perfect For You”

Mike Nied | October 6, 2017 3:40 pm
Rachel Platten Interview
We speak to the Rachel about new single 'Broken Glass' & her second album.

Rachel Platten has come a long way since releasing her empowering anthem “Fight Song” in 2015. After finding mainstream success and racking up her second top 40 hit, she took some time to craft a worthy followup. Now, she is gearing up to release her sophomore LP, Waves, later this month. Today (October 6), she is offering a second taste of the project with her new release, “Perfect For You.”

Following in the trend of the project’s lead single, “Broken Glass,” her latest effort moves further into the realm of dance pop with another sleekly produced midtempo. The hitmaker uses the track to tell a lover to take her as she is, flaws and all. “I’m wild and jealous, insane. I’m scared, but I don’t run away (you do). It’s pissing me off when you say ‘calm down calm down,’ like that” she proclaims before the beat drops out from underneath her for the chorus. “And it’s true. I can’t seem to shake it loose, ’cause all this insecurity’s hurtin’ me tighter, tryin’ to be perfect for you.”

Thematically it is similar to Julia Michaels’ breakout track, “Issues,” but Rachel has upped the beats per minute for something a little more danceable. The result is fiercely addictive and could be one of the most endearing pop releases of the year. The hitmaker clearly means business this time around, and if she has a couple more bops of this caliber on the album she is sure to have a hit album. Listen to “Perfect For You” and check out the Waves track list below!

Rachel’s Waves Track list:

1. “Perfect For You”

2. “Whole Heart”

3. “Collide”

4. “Keep Up”

5. “Broken Glass”

6. “Shivers”

7. “Loose Ends”

8. “Labels”

9. “Loveback”

10. “Hands”

11. “Fooling You”

12. “Good Life”

13. “Grace”

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