Pink Vs Twitter: Pop Star Faces Backlash After Trump Tweets

Mike Wass | October 10, 2017 6:24 am
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I didn’t see this coming! Pink came under fire yesterday (October 9) for not trashing President Trump on Twitter. “@POTUS you are doing a terrible job,” the pop star began. “Worse than every other job you’ve done terrible at. Do you seriously have time to worry about the NFL?” That’s pretty much on-brand. Fans, however, misconstrued her next tweet as support. “I’ve seen people change and turn their lives around. There’s still hope for you.” That was enough to trigger a backlash.

Not that Pink was about to back down. “I’m attempting positivity and motivation b/c I’m hopeless,” she replied to one pissed off fan. “And now you’re mad at ME?” The “What About Us” hitmaker then clarified her thoughts further. “I think this world needs HOPE and LOVE and POSITIVITY and we all need some inspiration to not be SHITTY ALL THE TIME.” When the hate tweets kept on coming, she wound up with this zinger: “I pray for love and change and light. I also pray I never become as cynical and snarky and shitty as some of the people on my twitter feed.”

The world is in a seriously dark place when you can’t hope for the best without being dragged. See Pink’s tweets below.

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