Daya Takes It To The Next Level With Moody Banger “New”

Mike Wass | October 12, 2017 5:26 am
Daya's 'Sit Still Look Pretty' Video
Daya is a test subject in a lab experiment in her 'Sit Still Look Pretty' video.

Daya makes a welcome return to the pop scene today (October 12) with a new single called “New.” The 18-year-old broke big in 2015/2016 with a string of relatable, girlish bops like “Hide Away” and “Sit Still Look Pretty.” Her latest also explores a near-universal theme (i.e. regret), but she’s all grown up now and has a team of international hitmakers in her corner. “Thought I could pack up my suitcase and just walk away,” the Grammy winner sings. “Leave you with all the shit I didn’t want to take, my mistake.”

That takes us to the unusually-honest chorus. “What the hell did I do? Messing with someone new,” she laments over an avalanche of synths. “Thinking I wanted to, turns out I don’t want new, I want you.” There’s even a breakdown (a mini-drop?), which highlights Daya’s club credentials. She co-wrote “New” with Stargate, Sir Nolan, Leland and James Newman, and that pedigree shows through in the profusion of hooks and artful construction. Listen to the future hit below.

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